Things You Learn When You Travel Around The World

“Still around the corner there may wait, a new road or a secret gate.” – J.R.R Tolkien

Travel, they say is food for the soul. Traveling of all kinds does open up your mind and fill your heart whether solo or with a significant other, with friends or with family. Travel helps you rediscover yourself as you discover the tiny quirks and fascinating stories of different people around the world. Here are 5 things travel does for you:

Drive Personal Growth

Different people have different reasons for wanting to travel. Some do it for leisure, others seek adventure while some want to discover new places in the world. Whatever may be your reasons for traveling, you do end up growing as a person and discovering facets of yourself you never knew existed, because you end up doing things that are drastically different from your everyday activities.

In his blog “The Ultimate Reasons Why Traveling is a Must“, Mike Honeycutt too references the same idea when he talks about how traveling helps you uncovers hitherto undiscovered personal strengths, weaknesses and even morals or values you hadn’t consciously noted about yourself.

Brings You Brand New Culinary Experiences

For people like me, the best part of travel is the food. When you get to try new cuisines, exciting new foods you have never heard of or sometimes versions of familiar foods you couldn’t possibly have imagined existed (yes, I’m looking at you, Edinburgh, with your deep fried mars bars)

Different countries’ foods tell you a lot about their culture too. Like author Siobhan Miller discusses in her blog “5 Reasons Eating Will Always Be the Best Part About Traveling“, Paris for example has a culture that values the finer things in life, so their food reflects that too. Be it all the wine and cheese pairings, all the fine dining restaurants or the wide array of fine breads, cuts of meat and delectable desserts.

It Is a Stress Buster

In today’s times of hectic schedules and constant pressure everyone is bound to get stressed. Stress and its symptoms can take a toll on one’s health and personal life and should therefore be taken seriously. Travelling once every few months or atleast once a year can give your mind a much-needed break. When you travel, you move out and about, bask in the sun, spend time in nature, meet locals and interact with them – all of these activities eventually boost the production of ‘Happy Hormones’ in your body that elevate mood, help you sleep better, build better relationships. In your personal life and in general make you feel good!

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In this article, contributor Joni Sweets talk about how Travel and Exploration spark Happiness.

It Helps You Gain Perspective

Travelling to various parts of the world and immersing yourself in different cultures can enlighten you to look at a situation in a new light altogether. Living a routine life can limit creativity and usually makes our minds inflexible but exploring new cultures and meeting people from drastically different backgrounds can improve our understanding of the world. It takes us out of our comfort zone and pushes us to look at simple things in brand new light.

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In his blog, Dorian Martin sheds lights on how Traveling can change your perspective on life.

It Makes You More Interesting

Ever stuck in a situation involving awkward silence? Well, if you travel a lot, you’ll never run out of stories to tell, or ideas to share. Travelling frequently can fill your life with so much information and makes you more confident, flexible and adaptable. Nobody can ever be bored with you telling them stories of your travels, or how you ate a whacky dish or your point of view on a life changing experience. You can drive a conversation to any place you fancy and it will definitely help you shine!

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In his blog, Travel Writer Nomadic Matt writes about why travelling can make you awesome.

So hopefully, we’ve given you enough reasons to put on your travelling shoes and set out to explore the world, once this pandemic comes to an end. Until then, stay home and stay safe, folks!

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